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September 12, 2017
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September 14, 2017

Travel video about destination Peru. Lima is the capital of Peru, the second largest country in South America after Brazil and Argentina.The Palacio De Gobierno …



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  2. laykita4ever says:

    What a piece of crap video. What happened to the jungle region? Iquitos? Pucallpa?  what happened to Arequipa?  adventure tourism in the Andes? The financial district in LIma? The national Parks? etc, etc.. It doesn't portrayed the diversity, variety of atractions and opportunities  Peru has to offer, despite its challenges. I'd rather go to a better source.

  3. i have a couple of friends that live in Peru and i really want to learn more about they'r country i have doe some searches on the internet abut Lima and on Peru before but i am sure its nothing like about what i have read it is

  4. Jose Bravo says:

    This old video 1990…now is diferent country..other face visit Perú 2015….welcome Perú

  5. NickJack125 says:

    Peru have to envy , ask the million tourists who visit every day and several times.

  6. Daniel Garay says:

    somehow we Peruvians sell ourselves as andean nation. I guess thats what tourist want to see, a nicer version of Bolivia, but in fact we are more than that. Peru doesn't have one single culture, but is a collection of cultures. Specially in Lima you can see this all this different cultures blending together. The lima shown in this video (which by the way looks like crap, this footage is at least 20years old) is nice and all because of the history and events that happened there, but is not the real Lima where people live and do stuff. I as a "limean" (there is no translation for limeño) found myself feeling like a tourist every time i go there.

  7. maxxrc1 says:

    this is a very old video of lima is old #early90!!!

  8. Surenity says:

    The narrator is such a pro-colonialism asshole. Like at 20:54 "Oh, everyone can breathe a sigh of relief when they leave those ghastly, bizarre and un-European temples where those evil Satanic rituals were performed. I'm SO glad these people were murdered off and civilized because they're just too bizarre for my fragile European mind to comprehend and therefore must have been evil."

  9. AMaeTV says:

    Peru looks extraordinary! Cool helicopter footage.. I must go there one day soon to make my travel videos!

  10. Luis Silva says:

    This video does not show the current view of Peru. I think this was recorded in 80's. Even though Peru maintains its colonial architecture and ancient cultures (they're proud about and care them properly), nowadays Peru is experiencing a great economic development.

  11. David 王 says:

    There is no subtitles

  12. Peru second largest country in South America after Brazil and Argentina( narrator in opening statement) ,,,,,, wouldn't that make them third biggest??

  13. que pais de mierda mas feo,, s no tiene nada mas que ofrecer aparte de machu pichi y un pedacito de selva jojojojojojojoj,,,,,,
    vengan al sur de chile el lugar mas hermosos de sudamerica

  14. Hoping to be there someday…..Gods' will…..

  15. Andrea Stark says:

    This is a very odd video. The narration feels quite mismatched with the images.

  16. Ce Sar says:

    Que clase de "footage" es esta. Niños que parecen abandonados, banquetas sin asientos, y unos comentarios que dejan en que pensar. si esto atrae a turistas, quisiera saber quienes son.

  17. what apps do u use to do this video?

  18. Nice. This one was better than their other Peru video. They showed more places and it was better edited. I just wish they showed Ollantaytambo. I wonder if there are any videos showing the lesser known areas of the north.

  19. It seems that Chile has the most promise/development and growth of south America, brazil being the largest population of south America/ over half of SA population and largest land mass it of course would be the richest and largest Economy. Chile only has like 17 million, brazils like 206 million, Argentina's under 50 million, Peru's under 35 million, Ecuador's about 17 million…..I'm a Canadian citizen all my life, 25 years old, only have an Ontario high school diploma/education, how hard would it be to move to Chile?

  20. q hermoso es el Perú nunca terminas por conocerlo costa Sierra selva cordillera marea playas desiertos dunas cañones mesetas lagos ríos todo lo q tiene el mundo se encuentra en un sólo lugar el peru

  21. All your videos are really good,Thanks to you,but you could have censored some scenes in Africa travel guides,after all this is educational not pornography.

  22. Pankaj Malik says:

    Good vedios but too much adds.

  23. mingchao cai says:

    the second largest country in South America after Brazil and Argentina?or third?

  24. Since 1997 says:

    Realmente me vuelve loca este país, qué hermosura. Saludos desde Argentina, espero ir pronto para esos lados!

  25. Great commentary. The city has so many beautiful colonial buildings.

  26. Thank you for sharing this well done video! Very interesting and educational.

  27. Nice video, very informative.

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