Top 10 Best Places to Visit in England

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September 12, 2017
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Here is the list for the top 10 best tourist sites in England. This list includes the following places Hadrian’s Wall, Warwick Castle, Lake District, Tower of London, …



  1. Liverpool greatest city in England a fact a real place not fake and fancy

  2. Ashton Grist says:

    how id a cathedral better than the cotswalds… idiot


  4. Stonehenge is very overrated, and I'd put the entire county of Cornwall in there before the Cotswolds.

  5. Tower of London has never been a prison – it is a royal palace

  6. I won't to go to England

  7. This video helped my family a lot, we are going to England and we didn't know what to do there, so thank you!

  8. I like being brittish but people take the Mickey out of our accents when none of us sound like it .__.

  9. The Lake District is the best tourist attraction in Britain and would probably make the top 10 list in Europe.

  10. Honey Babe says:

    Britain = islam state

  11. Cringz says:

    Boring went to all of them

  12. flip inheck says:

    Big Ben is the name of the largest bell in the clocktower, the clocktower is called the Elizabeth Tower not Big Ben

  13. Yes! Everyone come to York! See our Minster! Far better than London! (P.s. This is a joke, but still, York is a great place)

  14. Would love to visit Windsor Castle!

  15. ninejets says:

    the best view in england is the scotland sign , just sayin

  16. Kaden FM says:

    hahai live near warrick castle i went in the dongeons with my school boy it was scary i think were their on the picture haha

  17. iJamie8467x says:

    London's is pretty shit. too much travelling and expensive to enjoy

  18. great choice of places in England, Warwick castle is a favourite of mine, I'll be filming there soon! The London Eye and Big Ben are also great but don't forget all the amazing free museums in London as well!

  19. England is such a dull and industrial place, im so sick of it

  20. Stonehenge is underwhelming imo

  21. ZELKAMEL1 says:

    lake district is a beautiful place to visit but in good sunny day so you can see the beauty of the place

  22. ELN3 says:


  23. All those with Caribbean wanderlust please like my page..

  24. Paul Lowe says:

    Out of those I would substitute Stonehenge with the Malvern Hills.

  25. Larry G says:

    I hope to visit the UK some day, I am glad they were all kind enough to learn how to speak American.

  26. BlockHeadGuy says:

    The lake district is good for film making if you don't want man made thing in the background, it is also one of my favorite places to vist

  27. fergs says:

    I love Warwick castle but I'm being biased lol after all my ancestors lived there so every time I visit which is often I get a strange feeling similar to goosebumps. I would definitely recommend visiting this place there's so many things to do and see.

  28. OMG finnally a video about England mentioned about the Parliament Palace and Big Ben!!

  29. What is the music in the background called??

  30. Matilda Bond says:

    Oh my gosh,this is England in a nutshell.I live in East anglia,and we have lots of castles.Virtually everywhere you go has cute villages and history

  31. UToober17 says:

    wouldn't put stone henge as number 1 but I would definitely go and see it! it didn't disappoint me at all, I thought it was extremely interesting. generally I would go and see all those places, but there are many many more, I've been in England 2 months now it's a beautiful place!

  32. the cover that not England that's scotland

  33. John Hoelzle says:

    My teacher showed me this and every yelled Ben cause that's my name now I want to go

  34. Snow Chrush says:

    Thanks for helping me on homework

  35. EastOfBourne says:

    Stonehenge was rebuilt and set in concrete. Such a con.

  36. sean juth says:

    I can't believe your that stupid to call Elisabeth tower
    The big ben clock tower

  37. 0:06 10. Hadrian's Wall
    0:24 9. Warwick Castle
    0:42 8. Lake District
    1:01 7. Tower of London
    1:21 6. The Cotswolds
    1:39 5. Durham Cathedral
    1:58 4. York Minster
    2:18 3. Windsor Castle
    2:38 2. Big Ben
    2:56 1. Stonehenge
    Awesome video!Thanks for sharing.

  38. Hampton Court palace, Yorkshire Dale's, Weymouth and Portland, Whitby, Leeds castle (Kent), if I'm honest the most boring uk places I've visited are Oxford and Cambridge, overrated! nothing for kids

  39. PETER PETER says:

    There is nothing worse than Noisy family with SMELLY DOG ON THE BEACH SWIMMING NEAR YOUR CHILDREN,
    of I forgot.. while their dog is swimming and pooping on the beach ..they are are grilling smelly sausages and smoking cigarettes next to you… yeah..welcome to England.

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