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September 9, 2017
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September 11, 2017

Step into a child’s storybook when you first arrive in Prague, a city in the Czech Republic …



  1. Make a video of valletta malta plese I like your videos.

  2. Maravilloso!!! Muchas gracias

  3. Oleg A. says:

    Amazing city, highly recommended! All the best to Prague and the Czech Republic :). Ahoj!

  4. I´m so proud of my home town.Great presentation.I can recommend you beautiful Café,cozy quieter places or give you some tipes what to do in Prague.
    Pozdrav z Prahy=)

  5. Djura says:

    I've never even head of this city before, my god it's beautiful, added to my travel list.

  6. The Vũ says:

    Very very beautiful

  7. Thanks Expedia, I was unknown to such a beautiful place on our planet.
    I will sure visit this beautiful place called Prague one's in my life.

  8. Ryan Cabrera says:

    I want to go back so badly. With a guide. So many questions and still so much culture to experience!

  9. kenonifty says:

    To really capture Prague on camera or here on video is difficult because you have to capture the feel of the bridge to Old Town Square atmosphere of the place at night time  a very difficult thing to do. I can remember having a meal near the Charles bridge one night there and walked out of the restaurant and looked out over to the bridge with all the happy people on it, white swans floating on the river, the castle and surrounds all lit up over the river and the weather was perfect it was the most perfect experience in my life and is still seven years later crystal clear in my mind.

  10. Sasha Kartus says:

    Opposite to Moscow, Prague needs more confidence !! But it is not so sleepy like in this video.

  11. MrAdy0207 says:

    definately the most beautiful city in eastern and central Europe.

  12. Farrah Dinda says:

    Someday i will go there!

  13. i ask if is necessary put of ancient thing

  14. Flor Masibay says:

    Glad I got to visit Prague! I wish I could go back.

  15. Just bought my tickets for April 2018! Cannot wait to visit this beautiful city!

  16. So exciting I am going there to appreciate all of them in next week:)

  17. Prague is one of my favorite cities in Europe. I fell in love with it when I first saw it in real life.

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