Vienna top 10 tourist attractions

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September 8, 2017
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September 10, 2017

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  1. interesting but the logo always appearing is very very annoying

  2. LAUDE1 says:

    haha i live there 🙂

  3. Sarebbe interessante anche parlato in italiani

  4. Prakash Jani says:


  5. I love Vienna, visited it last year and will be there in few days!!

  6. The "da-NOOB"? Are you fucking kidding me?

  7. RonMD says:

    Lucky you. Yesterday I came back from Vienna, it was absolutely AMAZING. I've visited France, Germany, Sweden and Italy and I must say Vienna is the most beautiful city i've ever been to. Unfortunately I only stayed for 3 days, stayed at a pension in Lange Gasse but I managed to see many things this city had to offer.

    make a long story short, I recommend visiting this city to anyone. Literally.

  8. Chrisp1912 says:

    You should visit Prague and Budapest too! As an Viennese I know these city very well and they are also worth a visit!

  9. I lived in Vienna. No city is more historical than Vienna!!!!

  10. Vienna is BEUTIFUL!!!! Ps. Better than Prague!!!(budapest is nice too:-))

  11. Sophie Bauer says:

    Ah…good old vienna …best city ever !!!

  12. Amber Greer says:

    My name is amber greer. I plan to visit Vienna next summer as a trip. What all should I pack for the trip. One of the places that we, as a class, plan to visit is the oprah. What is the appropriate attire for the whole trip and to see the oprah? How much does everything cost, from clothing stores, restaurants, jewelry stores, souvenir stores, and etc?

  13. jeremy bury says:

    Did u know? Im related to the present there, my grand mother's cousin is the presedent there. See for urself, my family name is "bury cuz of my grandmothers husband he made my dad witch makes me "bury" but my grandmother's family name is 'fisher' we actually just went to visit him not long ago.

  14. Manuela M says:

    vienna is amazing

  15. Paul Molloy says:

    The D'noob. Haha! I nearly fell off the chair laughing.

  16. Vienna is Vienna


  17. mikejaz2 says:

    Ignore the Ringtram. for a regular fare (like EUR$ 2.50) you can take the 1 and 2 trams, learn how to navigate the tram system, and see just what you'd see on the Ringtram, without all the pesky tourists.

  18. im living in vienna i love wien


  20. Gambinotubee says:

    Great city, but the big problem is noneuropean migrants and muslim minorities.
    Support for german patriots and serbian diaspora !!!

  21. Take out something (MariahilferstraĂźe maybe, stores are the same as in any other European city) and add Hofburg (Imperial treasury and other museums, Imperial Equitation school, Heldenplatz!).

    btw: why would Schönbrunn give you a laugh when seeing it?

  22. Ajmal shah says:

    green green vienna

  23. Did you record this with a potato?

  24. David Hogg says:

    [DAN-yoob] silly Stress is on the DAN. Pl get at least that right

  25. 666FeetDeep says:

    Let's make it easier by writing it:
    10. River Danube (German: Donau)
    9. Mariahilfer Strasse
    8. Ring Tram
    7. Naschmarkt
    6. Museumsquartier (MQ)
    5. Stephansplatz & St. Stephen's Cathedral (German: Stephansdom)
    4. Prater Park
    3. Schönbrunn Palace
    2. Belvedere complex
    1. Vienna State Opera (German: Wiener Staatsoper) & Vienna Philharmonic

  26. 0:32 The period of music, today reffered to a "classic" extends from 1750 (death of J.S.Bach) so ~1800 (around Beethoven). Would u pls be so kind and find me one famous piece of this period about the Danube? Cauz I couldnt.
    1:24 It help mainly confuse u cauz it will bombard u with information of dozens of sights passing by one after the other within the 20min ride.
    2:05 MQ were the Imperial Stables today used for multiple museums of contemporary/modern arts.
    3:44 Its spelled "SCHĂ–NBRUNN Palace", get it right!
    4:05 Immagine that…ur 16th century royalty and u have to w8 200 years for the Gloriette to be built.
    4:31 U know that Belvedere was the city residence of Prince Eugene of Savoy (his main residence being Schloss Hof) and had nothing to do with the emperor right? The Imperial Residence ur refering to is the Hofburg complex (the MQ at 2:05 is also part of it). GET UR FACTS RIGHT!
    4:59 Ok, we need points here:
    -) The guys dresses in a strange way selling u tickets are tourist traps.
    -) If u want a music CONCERT avoid the opera. There u will get operas!
    -) For concerts try Musikverein or Konzerthaus.
    -) The Vienna Philharmonic hardly ever performs at the opera. If they do u wont get tickets cauz they will be sold out years before. They mostly perform at concert halls (surprise!) like Musikverein or Konzerthaus.
    -) The tickets at the opera start at 10€ – does that sound expensive to u?

    Major sights u have missed: Charles Church, Parliament, Town Hall, Votiv Church, Hofburg complex, Hundertwasserhouse, modern Vienna (Danube Tower), Heurigen.

  27. Why do you spell it "Chonbrunn"???

  28. the only place worth visiting in vienna is falco's grave

  29. BilalZia Zia says:

    very very beautiful country

  30. ConnollyCove says:

    Very informative!!!…Keep it up. 🙂

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